# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
194 make for go to or toward poruszać się w kierunku czegoś
  • We made for office when it started raining.
277 speak for to speak as a representative of, to speak as a representative of other people mówić za kogoś
  • I can speak for myself.
337 double for to stand in for, to replace somebody zastępować, zastępować kogoś
  • Who is going to double for Adam Reynolds? He is on a doctor's leave.
361 pine for to miss something or someone, to want something one cannot get tęsknić, usychać z tęsknoty
  • Magdalena pined for some luxury in her life.
363 upbraid for to scold, to scold someone for doing something wrong karcić za, karcić kogoś za coś
  • The teacher upbraided Magdalena for late again.