# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
384 scour for to look for someone or something in an anxious way gorączkowo kogoś lub czegoś poszukiwać
  • Magdalena is scouring for the documents.
390 act for to represent someone, to do what someone else is responsible for działać w czyimś imieniu, występować w czyimś imieniu
  • If you play your cards right, he just might voice act for you!
403 listen out for to listen carefully in order to hear sth specific nasłuchiwać
  • The telescopes that are dedicated to listening out for signals from alternative life forms.
410 stand for tolerate, permit, permit - usually negative tolerować, pozwalać
  • I'm not surprised that Mrs. Adamson rejected your report. She won't stand for that work.
434 call for need wymagać, wymagać działania
  • I will say it once again: the situation calls for bold reforms, not repression.