# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
152 hear from to get a message from someone or a group otrzymywać od kogoś wiadomość
  • I haven't heard from her for ages.
375 learn from to gain knowledge from a source, such as printed material or other people to gain knowledge or wisdom because of something uczyć się z, uczyć się od, uczyć się na
  • Magdalena has learned nothing from her last mistake.
448 issue from to come out, to come out of a place wydobywać, wypływać, dochodzić, dobiegać z czegoś
  • Pondering China's arms development issue from China's perspective.
564 cadge from to ask for something to beg wyprosić, wyżebrać
  • Homeless boys smoking cigarettes cadged from Allied soldiers.
591 come from to be born and bred somewhere być z kraju, być z miejsca
  • He comes from poland.