# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
817 abstract from to steal from ukraść z
  • Burglars abstracted the jewellery from the drawer.
821 shrink from to avoid doing sth wzbraniać się przed czymś
  • I will not shrink from responsibility.
827 crib from to copy something dishonestly from someone else or a written source, usually in a test, exam, etc. ściągać od, ściągać z, zrzynać od, zrzynać z
  • He cribbed all the answers from Bush.
836 flush from to get red in the face because of, to get red in the face because of a feeling zaczerwienić się, zaczerwienić się z powodu
  • Mark flushed from shame when Magdalena discovered he'd lied.
837 recover from to get well after an illness wrócic do zdrowia, dojść do siebie, odzyskać siły
  • How long does it take to recover from inguinal hernia surgery?