# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
750 creep in to get somewhere without being noticed to appear unexpectedly wkraść się, zakraść się
  • When the doubts creep in.
816 abet in to help to do something, to help to do something - usually wrong wspomagać, współdziałać
  • While Sanders admits that he aided and abetted in the robbery in which his codefendant used and carried a firearm.
825 flow in to come in, to be received napływać, wpływać
  • Condolence messages are still flowing in.
862 drop in to visit someone unexpectedly wpaść z wizytą, na ogół niezapowiedzianą
  • I'll drop in on my sister while I'm in the neighbourhood.
899 sack in to go to bed to fall asleep pójść spać
  • The boys already sacked in because they were very tired after whole day training.