# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
908 cage in to lock in a cage zamknąć w klatce
  • His little son didn't believe the wolfs were caged in.
920 step in to come in to come round to sb to get involved in sth such as argument wkroczyć, wejść, wpaść do kogoś, wkraczać w spór
  • Don't step in their arguments - it won't do.
958 horn in to interrupt, to join someone who doesn wtrącać się, wpraszać się
  • Ann horns in whenever I try to talk to Mark.
962 hurry in to come in in a hurry pospiedznie wchodzić
  • It was raining, so he hurried in.
967 interest in to care about something, to pay attention to something interesować się czymś
  • Profesor managed to interest her students.