# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
64 cut in interrupt wtrącić się, przerwać
  • She shows no respect to anyone - she is always cutting in! No matter who is speaking.
88 fill in add information to a form. wypełniać
  • An amazing number of people miss out on jobs because they don't fill in the application form properly.
  • We're transforming our website to better meet your needs, fill in our survey today!
98 get in arrive przychodzić, przyjeżdżać
  • Can you tell Mr Harrison to phone me as soon as he gets in?
117 give in stop doing something poddawać się komuś, czemuś
  • He gave in to despair and refused to take medicine.
145 hand in submit homework, submit an assignment oddawać, wręczać
  • Please finish writing and hand in the poems.