# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
682 leak in to get inside accidentally, to get inside accidentally - about water przeciekać
  • After completely remodeling the room we got more rain which leaked in again.
694 stand in to do somebody zastępować
  • John is standing in for Mark.
707 drill in to practise something with someone, to revise something with someone ćwiczyć coś z kimś, ćwiczyć coś z kimś przez powtarzanie
  • I've been drilling my sister in maths for a whole evening.
719 track in to bring mud, snow, etc. on ones shoes indoors nanieść błota, zabłocić
  • One of the house droids immediately began to clean the water and mud they tracked in, but Anakin paid them no attention.
743 show in to show someone a way into a place politely wprowadzać kogoś
  • I asked Marek to show the guests in.