# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
520 slip into to quickly put on a piece of clothing wrzucić coś na siebie, nałożyć szybko
  • It's time to slip into something less comfortable.
548 drub into to talk somebody into something, to teach someobody stubborn wbijać komuś coś do głowy
  • I just try to drub the idea into Magdalena!
579 propel into to make someone do something or place someone in a certain position popchnąć kogoś, popchnąć kogoś do czegoś
  • What happened in Mao Tse-tung's life in 1919 that propelled him into politics?
601 be into to be interested in something interesować się czymś, zacząć się czymś interesować
  • They're really into noise music.
659 goad into to encourage, to make sb do sth popędzać, popychać kogoś, popychać kogoś do
  • I can goad him into action against himself.