# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
729 badger into to persuade someone into doing something in a very annoying way, by asking them  continuously to do so dręczyć, zadręczać prośbami, namawiać w sposób wyjątkowo irytujący
  • Don't badger me into going out.
734 plow into to drive into something wjechać w coś
  • The truck plowed into the retaining wall.
740 unify into to make particular parts become a whole jednoczyć
  • German states were unified into a nation in 1871.
745 awe into to make someone fear something or respect something so that they are e.g. obedient zatrwożyc, zmusić, zastraszyć
  • The rigor of the new commandant awed the people into submission.
791 bluff into to talk someone into something by pretending nabierać
  • Wagner is bluffed into believing it's all his fault and helps take the body down to the alley.