# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
562 acquit of to state that someone is not guilty of something uniewinniać, oczyszczać z zarzutów
  • He was acquitted of charges that he molested three young girls.
612 leap out of to get out of somewhere by jumping, leaping wyskoczyć na zewnątz
  • He leapt out of his chair when his team scored.
613 wriggle out of to try to avoid doing something wykręcać się, wykręcać się od czegoś, wymigiwać się
  • How to wriggle out of boring chores.?
955 doubt of to have doubts, to be uncertain of mieć wątpliwości, wątpić w
  • How can he doubt of my sincerity?
984 avail of to take an opportunity, to make use of a chance korzystać z
  • I admire Ann for the way she avails herself of every single chance to learn something new.