# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
809 touch off to move, to start wywołać, poruszyć
  • His decision touched off a new round of speculation.
814 sleep off to get rid of by sleeping odespać, przespać
  • He sleeps off bad mood and stress.
820 clock off to register one kończyć dzień pracy, odbijać kartę zegarową, odbijać kartę zegarową - przy wyjściu z pracy
  • The workers had already clocked off before cashing up.
841 branch off to make or be a branch of something odgałęziać się, skręcać
  • The road branches off down the hill.
860 sell off to sell something cheap, especially when it is becoming out-fashioned wyprzedawać
  • We are going to sell off the winter collection.