# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
249 rely on to count on, to bank on to be able to obtain sth such as help or reliable information from polegać na
  • Most charities rely on people to give donations.
293 switch on to turn on, to make sth such as machine work włączać
  • Switch on the radio, there's weather forecast in few minutes.
310 try on to put on a piece of clothes in order to check if it fits przymierzać
  • Try on the green blouse, I think it suits better.
315 turn on start by turning a handle, start by turning a switch włączać
  • Turn on the radio, the game starts in few minutes.
341 look down on to have a bad opinion of sth or someone, to despise to disapprove of patrzeć z góry, patrzeć z wyższością
  • The whole class look down on Adam, which makes him feel really upset.