# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
43 chew over to consider an issue thoroughly or repeatedly or discuss it rozgryźć coś,przeżuć
  • OK. There is no need to hurry - you can just chew it over and give the answer next month.
50 cloud over get very cloudy zachmurzyć się
  • Let's go and sit in the garden in the sun before it clouds over.
106 get over recover from an illness or painful experience dochodzić do siebie, pogodzić się z czymś
  • It took him over four years to get over his wife's death.
107 get over to cross sth such as road or river to become accepted to reach the end znaleźć rozwiązanie problemu
  • There were one technical problem but they got over it.
284 start over to start an action again from the beginning zaczynać coś od nowa
  • When you start over, try to do it right this time.