# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
457 give over devote to a particular purpose or use pościęcić się całkowicie jakiemuś celowi
  • Adam gave the day over to organising Jen's birthday party.
458 look over check, review sprawdzić, przejrzeć
  • Leave me some literature, I'll look it over and get back to you.
471 pull over drive a vehicle to the side of the road zjechać na pobocze
  • I felt so bad that I had to pull over my car.
509 do over do something again robić coś jeszcze raz
  • If I had it to do over again, there is one thing I would change.
550 flick over to turn quickly, to turn pages of a book quickly, to turn pages of newspaper quickly przerzucać kartki, przerzucać strony
  • Magdalena was flicking the pages over, visibly absent-minded.