# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
567 fret over to worry about sth continuously zamartwiac się, gryźć się z problemem
  • I can't watch him fret over this problem.
569 skate over not to deal seriously with something prześlizgiwać się po czymś, omijać temat
  • He only skated over the subject, which wasn't fair.
573 waffle over to consider and reconsider an issue, to hesitate, to be in two minds about sth zastanawiać się nad czymś bardzo długo, wahać się, nie móc się zdecydować
  • Instead of waffling over this issue Adam should finally start acting.
584 loiter over to spend time lazily, to be doing sth very slowly marudzic z czymś, wolno coś robić
  • If you loiter over your work like that, the manager will be angry.
597 moon over to keep thinking about someone one's attracted to rozmyślać o kimś
  • He's been mooning over that drummer he met a few weeks ago.