# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
608 ask over to invite zaprosić
  • I asked Magdalena over for tea and we had a nice chat together.
620 haggle over to argue, to try to achieve sth by talking spierać się, targować
  • When buying a property it pays to haggle over the price, even if you think it's a bargain.
627 flip over to turn pages quickly przerzucać kartki, przeglądać pismo, przeglądać książkę
  • Please flip your paper over.
630 winter over to spend a winter somewhere, to spend a winter somewhere usually because you cannot leave the place przezimować, spędzić zimę
  • The members of the expedition had to winter over on Melville Island.
643 drool over to show one pożerać kogoś wzrokiem
  • Sometimes, even as an adult, I find myself drooling over some rock stars.