# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
681 gain over to gain one zaskarbić sobie, pozyskać sobie, pozyskać sobie kogoś
  • This new version is a result of experience gained over many years.
693 stand over to put off, delay opóźniać, odkładać coś na później
  • The case was ordered to stand over till next week for the police.
711 fix over to repair, mend or remake something naprawić, zreperować, przerobić
  • Could you fix my shoes over?
724 see over to visit a place in order to have a closer look at it oglądać, oglądać miejsce
  • You can see over the flat landscape to the horizon, in all directions.
727 talk over to discuss a matter at length omówić coś, omówić coś z kimś
  • We have to talk it over.