# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
902 mist over to become covered with a layer of liquid zaparować, zajść mgłą, pokryć się warstwą cieczy
  • If you notice that window glass at your premises has become cracked or misted over time it's worth getting them replaced now.
904 read over to read again to read carefully przeczytać jeszcze raz, przeczytać uważnie
  • I read it over again when I feel I need a good laugh.
922 pore over to study sth thoroughly and at length ślęczeć, przesiadywać nad czymś
  • Ann's been poring over the books all night.
969 labour over to work continuously over a certain task ślęczeć nad czymś
  • Ann's still labouring over her speech.
999 fall over to fall down accidentally przewrócić się
  • The little girl fell over and started to cry.