# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
658 hack around to spend time lazily, to spend time lazily (informal), mess about obijać się, obijać się (potocznie)
  • I've been hacking around all day, and have no satisfactory, neat, quick soloution.
692 blunder around to grope in the dark, to move unsteadily iść po omacku
  • Blundering around in the dark isn't a good idea!
717 knock around to hit someone often or much tłuc kogoś
  • It was known that he would knock his wife around when he had been drinking.
722 see around to meet someone quite often widywać kogoś
  • I haven't seen her aroud here in ages
739 stick around to stay in the area pozostawać w pobliżu
  • I'll stick around you.