# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
192 look through to direct the eyes for the purpose of seeing something przeglądać
  • He looked through the fashion magazines but found nothing interesting.
261 sail through succeed at easily zrobić coś z łatwością
  • He sailed through all the examinations.
326 wear through to make a hole in an item of clothes by wearing it przetrzeć, zrobić dziury w noszonym ubraniu
  • Adam's t-shirt have been worn through.
364 hear through to hear sth from the beginning to the end wysłuchać w całości
  • My father insisted that I hear the DVD through.
435 be through have ended a relationship, have ended a job zerwać, odejść, odejść z pracy, odejść od kogoś
  • I'm through with Adam. He's so selfish.