# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
436 carry through complete successfully poradzić sobie, dać rade coś ukończyć
  • We didn't know if they would be able to carry the project through.
563 burrow through to search for szperać, przeszukiwać
  • I burrowed through the clothes in the drawer looking for a clean pair of socks.
596 bring through to save someone ocalić kogoś, uratować życie
  • I could bring her through.
626 flick through to browse, to have a quick look at a book, to have a quick look at a magazine przeglądać, kartkować
  • I flicked through the pages of the photo album.
  • I just flick through the Rune Grammofon catalogue for evidence.
787 thumb through to turn pages quickly kartkować, kartkować książkę
  • She thumbed the book through and finally found his photos.