# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
857 pass through to visit a place on a way somewhere przejeżdżać, być gdzieś przejazdem
  • We are just passing through.
865 soak through to make something wet przemoczyć
  • I looked down to see that my shoes were completely soaked through.
937 follow through to do another part of something, to do another stage of a process to check, to examine kontynuować, robic kolejną część, sprawdzać, badać
  • I am sorry now that I didn't follow through with music lessons when I was younger.
946 elbow through if one elbows their way through, they force their way through e.g. a crowd, usually by using their elbows przepychać się, przepychać się łokciami
  • Mark elbowed his way through the crowd to get to the box office.
947 squeak through to pass with difficulty, to manage to do something with difficulty prześlizgnąć się przez coś z trudem
  • Mark just squeaked through the exam.