# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
193 look up to look for information in a book of facts, to look for a word in a dictionar, to look for a telephone number in a telephone book sprawdzać
  • Could someone look up this word in a online dictionary?
197 make up make up robić makijaż
  • I always make up before I leave house in the evening.
198 make up invent information, invent imaginary information, create information, create imaginary information wymyśleć
  • I wouldn't believe him! I bet he has made the story up!
199 make up compensate for something missed or not done by doing extra or equivalent work nadrabiać, rekompensować
  • He spends so much probably making up for the years when she he penniless.
200 match up the pairing of people or things as for comparison or competition pasować, zgadzać się
  • They will have to be interrogated once again as their stories proved not to match up.