# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
672 twinkle with to shine brightly because of small lights or because of a feeling błyszczeć, być rozświetlonym, promienieć, jaśnieć z radości
  • His eyes twinkled with soft wonder as he spoke with her.
687 rankle with to fill with grief, to make you feel hurt, to make you feel unhappy napełniać goryczą, sprawiać ból
  • His behaviour rankles with me still.
795 cope with to deal with to struggle with dawać sobie radę, borykać się
  • How am I to be free of, or cope with that problem?
907 interlace with to be loosely joined, to cause to be loosely joined przeplatać się, splatać się
  • Mark interlaces historical facts with fictional ones.
909 mingle with to become acquainted with, to talk to somebody, to start or continue an acquaintance obracać się wśród, zadawać się z, rozmawiać, rozmawiać na spotkaniu towarzyskim
  • He's mingling with the wrong kind of people.