# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
957 fool around with to have an affair with mieć romans
  • Ann's been fooling around with that guy.
964 madden with to annoy, to make angry doprowadzac do szału
  • Ann was maddened with his obstinacy.
972 tussle with to try to understand, solve or deal with an idea zmagać się z, zmagać się z myślą, zmagać się z koncepcją
  • Ann's been tussling with this idea for some time.
976 live with to cope with żyć z czymś, radzić sobie z czymś
  • He'll have to live with that knowledge.
978 offend with to annoy someone with something obrazić kogoś czymś, urazić kogoś czymś
  • Mark offends us with his rudeness.