# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
8 be after chase poszukiwać, gonić, ścigać
  • John is after a job in marketing.
9 beat up attack violently pobić kogoś, poturbować
  • He was dragged out of the van and beaten up by the street gang.
10 bend down lower the top half of your body pochylić się
  • Mark! Bend down and do your shoelaces.
336 be down with to come down with być chorym
  • Adam was down with flu last week, so he couldn't help me.
350 be down on to be quick to find fault, to be quick to find mistake winić, czepiać się, czepiać się kogoś, czepiać się czegoś
  • The manager was down on Magdalena again.
408 be down be ill with być chorym
  • Adam is down with the flu.
413 be off be absent from school, be absent from work być nieobecnym
  • Adam isn't in his office. He's off for two weeks.
418 be over have come to an end zakończyć się
  • The film starts at 16.00 and is over at 18.00.
422 be out be unfashionable być niemodnym, wyjść z mody
  • Joggin's are out this season, turban's are in!
429 be in expect something usually bad spodziewać się, oczekiwać
  • We are in for good weather.
433 be on be shown on TV, be shown at the cinema be shown at the theatre emitować, emitować film, być na ekranach
  • There's a good film on at the Multikino.
435 be through have ended a relationship, have ended a job zerwać, odejść, odejść z pracy, odejść od kogoś
  • I'm through with Adam. He's so selfish.
462 be about be on the point of mieć zamiar
  • She was about to leave a flat when the phone rang.
601 be into to be interested in something interesować się czymś, zacząć się czymś interesować
  • They're really into noise music.
731 belt out to sing very loudly wyśpiewywać na cały głos, odśpiewywać
  • The Back to Black singer belted out a number of tunes from her back collection and performed a number of covers at the festival.