# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
433 be on be shown on TV, be shown at the cinema be shown at the theatre emitować, emitować film, być na ekranach
  • There's a good film on at the Multikino.
435 be through have ended a relationship, have ended a job zerwać, odejść, odejść z pracy, odejść od kogoś
  • I'm through with Adam. He's so selfish.
462 be about be on the point of mieć zamiar
  • She was about to leave a flat when the phone rang.
601 be into to be interested in something interesować się czymś, zacząć się czymś interesować
  • They're really into noise music.
731 belt out to sing very loudly wyśpiewywać na cały głos, odśpiewywać
  • The Back to Black singer belted out a number of tunes from her back collection and performed a number of covers at the festival.