# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
21 bring about to cause to happen spowodować
  • The Prime Minister wanted reform of the healthcare system but he wasn't sure how to bring it about.
22 bring back cause someone to remember przywrócić
  • This smell brings me back chilhood memories.
23 bring down to cause to fall or collapse obalić
  • The events of the last week will probably bring the government down.
24 bring around provide a cure for, make healthy again ocucić
  • The doctors brought him round a few hours after the operation.
25 bring together to attempt to get people to agree with one another pogodzić, polepszyć stosunki
  • The disaster brought the local community of small town together.
26 bring up mention wychować
  • He was brought up to respect other people.
596 bring through to save someone ocalić kogoś, uratować życie
  • I could bring her through.
871 bring forward bring forward przedstawić, zaprezentować, poruszyć temat dyskusji, poruszyć sugestię, poruszyć propozycję, przyspieszyć, przełozyć na wcześniejszy termin
  • Could we bring this meeting forward by four days?
1008 bring in to produce, yield, earn profits, earn income, to generate money przynosić zysk, dawać zysk, wprowadzić
  • Tourism is a big industry, bringing in 2.7 billion pounds a year.