# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
353 cast out to make someone go away, to not accept somebody wygnać, wypędzić
  • Magdalena was actually cast out by the rest of her family.
691 cast down to look down spuszczać wzrok
  • Said Magdalena with her eyes cast down.
776 cast aside to throw away, to get rid of odrzucać, porzucać 
  • It is a time, our people are unable to cast aside their divide to stand up for the Country?
790 cast off to get rid of something such as restraints, to take off one uwalniać się, uwalniać się od ograniczeń, zrzucać, zrzucać ubranie, zrzucać buty
  • She cast off the boots and sat down.
828 cast away to get rid of, to have no relationship any more odrzucać, wyrzekać się
  • She cast away her old friends like used toys.