# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
81 fall apart come to pieces rozpadać się
  • He is not the only one person, whose life is falling apart.
  • Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need.
82 fall behind make less progress zostawać z tyłu
  • The dog started the race quite promising but then fell behind on the last bend.
83 fall for be attracted to somebody, fall in love zakochać się
  • Mark fell for Ann just when he saw her.
84 fall out argue and be on bad terms with someone pokłócić się
  • I haven't seen him since we fell out last month. And I don't think I want to...
748 fall down to fall to be almost ruined to fail upadać, rozpadać się, potknąć się
  • It's hard to believe he fell down on the exam!
906 fall about to move unsteadily to be unable to control laughter zataczać się, nie móc powstrzymać się od śmiechu
  • There is a man falling about in the street.
999 fall over to fall down accidentally przewrócić się
  • The little girl fell over and started to cry.