# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
110 get back to obtain something that you have lost dostać coś z powrotem
  • Can I borrow this DVD? You'll get it back next week.
111 get down write, record zapisywać
  • Did you get his telephone number down?
112 get through contact dodzwonić się
  • I tried to contact him but I couldn't get through.
113 get together meet socially spotykać się
  • Let's get together and talk about gift for our parents.
114 get up get out of bed wstawać
  • Mike always gets up at 8 o'clock.
115 get up get out of bed wstawać
  • Everyone got up as the minister arrived.
371 get on with to make progress, to continue something kontynuować coś, robić postępy
  • You're getting on with Spanish.
377 get along with to get on well with someone, to have a good relationship być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
  • Magdalena gets along with the rest of the class.
525 get rid dispose of, give away or throw away pozbyć się czegoś, wyrzucić na śmieci
  • How to get rid of problems?
551 get in with to become involved with a group of people or a person dostać się do grupy, zaznajomić się z, zaprzyjaźnić się z
  • Magdalena's always known who to get in with.
570 get on to to move to something else, to change the subject to contact somebody przejść do czegoś innego, przejść do innego tematu, nawiązać z kimś kontakt
  • He ignored the questions and got on to another subject.
614 get beyond to advance further to be too difficult to perform or comprehend wykraczać poza, robić postępy, przekraczać umiejętności, przekraczać możliwości
  • I got beyond the barrier again.
960 get about to travel from one place to another, to move from one place to another, to spread news, to spread gossip podróżować, przenosić się z miejsca na miejsce, rozchodzić się, rozchodzić się - o wiadomościach
  • Ann didn't want the news about her affair to get around.