# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
115 get up get out of bed wstawać
  • Everyone got up as the minister arrived.
371 get on with to make progress, to continue something kontynuować coś, robić postępy
  • You're getting on with Spanish.
377 get along with to get on well with someone, to have a good relationship być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
  • Magdalena gets along with the rest of the class.
525 get rid dispose of, give away or throw away pozbyć się czegoś, wyrzucić na śmieci
  • How to get rid of problems?
551 get in with to become involved with a group of people or a person dostać się do grupy, zaznajomić się z, zaprzyjaźnić się z
  • Magdalena's always known who to get in with.