# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
116 give back return oddawać
  • Please give me back my DVDs.
117 give in stop doing something poddawać się komuś, czemuś
  • He gave in to despair and refused to take medicine.
118 give away tell a secret, tell a secret often unintentionally zdradzać
  • She's so self-controlled that she never gives her true feelings away.
119 give away to make a gift of rozdawać, oddawać
  • Ann gave her old clothes away to poor people.
120 give out distribute rozdawać
  • Her job is to answer questions and give out leaflets.
121 give up to give in to quit poddawać się
  • Don't give up. Keep running!
122 give up stop doing something, stop doing a habit przestać coś robić
  • I gave up smoking two years ago.
  • You shouldn't give up. Fight for yourself and who you are.
457 give over devote to a particular purpose or use pościęcić się całkowicie jakiemuś celowi
  • Adam gave the day over to organising Jen's birthday party.
523 give of devote, contribute poświęcać się, przykładać się
  • Airman gives of himself to save son.