# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
123 go ahead proceed rozpoczynać
  • We can't go ahead with the project without her.
124 go away leave a place or disappear wyjeżdżać, iść
  • It was weeks before the bruises went away.
  • I have been ignoring you in the hope you'd go away.
125 go back return to, start doing something again wracać
  • When are you going back to New York?
126 go by the passing of time upływać
  • Time seems to go by more quickly when you get older.
127 go by the passing of time przechodzić
  • He was standing at the window and watching people go by.
128 go down decrease, get smaller spadać
  • Now, as the prices went down, I can afford this bike.
129 go off explode, explode bomb, start ringing, start ringing alarm wybuchać
  • Four people died when a bomb went off in a shop.
130 go off stop working electric, stop working electronic equipment wyłączać się, gasnąć
  • The bomb went off just metres from the market entrance.
131 go on to continue kontynuować, trwać
  • Please go on writing.
132 go out leave a place wychodzić, spotykać się z ludźmi
  • Mark doesn't go out much.