# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
358 go down with to become ill rozchorować się na, zapaść na, zapaść na chorobę
  • Magdalena is said to have gone down with variola.
360 go after to try to obtain sth starać się o, ubiegać się o
  • Magdalena's going to go after job at Orange.
460 goof off be lazy, do nothing in particular obijać się, leniuchować
  • We were goofing off in the hall before class - joking and stuff.
470 goof up to spoil, mess spaprać
  • They goofed up our holiday plans.
592 go through with to finish something, to succeed in doing sth dobrnąć do końca, uporać się z
  • I've finally gone through with that task.
593 go about to start dealing with, to start dealing with something zabrać się za coś
  • How am I supposed to go about this job?
659 goad into to encourage, to make sb do sth popędzać, popychać kogoś, popychać kogoś do
  • I can goad him into action against himself.
905 goad on to give power, to make somebody do something napędzać, pchać
  • The team were goaded on by their desire to be first to complete the course.
918 go back on to disappoint someone, to prove disloyal to someone zawieść kogoś, okazać się nielojalnym
  • Ann went back on her friends again.
961 go at to start doing something willingly, to start doing something enthusiastcally wziąć się za coś, ruszyć z kopyta
  • Ann really went at the new project.