# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
170 kick off to make your shoes come off by shaking your feet zrzucić buty
  • Kick off your shoes and run upstairs.
514 kick about to discuss something, to discuss something before making a decision obgadać
  • We will kick that idea around and see what we might be able to do.
637 kick back to kick someone who kicked one before to kick a ball to someone who kicked it before oddać komuś kopniaka, kopnąć coś z powrotem do kogoś
  • If the horse does kicks you kick him back, but only the instant it happens.
638 kick on to start working, usually after some difficulties zadziałać, zaskoczyć, włączyć się
  • When the engine light finally kicked on, the code came up for plugs.
639 kick up to make something go up, to make dust go up, to make sand go up wzbijać, wzbijać piach
  • I hate when your flip flops kick up sand when you walk on a beach!