# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
263 see off to accompany someone at the beginning of their journey so as to say goodbye to them odprowadzać kogoś
  • My family went to see her off at the airport.
540 see to to look after to make sure sth is done dopilnować, pilnować
  • Magdalena's cats must be fed once a day. Can you see to it?
634 see ahead to plan the future, to forsee the future planować przyszłość, przewidywać
  • I think perhaps how far you can see ahead may be a better indicator.
720 see across to help someone cross a road, etc. przeprowadzić kogoś przez ulicę
  • I see you across the street.
721 see about to ask about something, to make arrangements dowiadywać się, pytać, umawiać się
  • Excuse me, I must see about the arrangements for lunch.