# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
1004 abet in  to help to do something, to help to do something - usually wrong wspomagać, współdziałać
  • They must have been abetted in the robbery.
1005 shop around to shop at different stores to find what you want at the best price chodzić po sklepach
  • You can find a bargain, but you'll have to shop around.
1006 shell out to spend a certain amount of money wysupłać, wyrzucić, wydać pieniądze
  • I'm not going to shell out $100 for that!
1007 sell off to get rid of by selling, often at reduced prices wyprzedawać, wyprzedać, sprzedawać na wyprzedaży
  • We are going to sell off this collection.
1008 bring in to produce, yield, earn profits, earn income, to generate money przynosić zysk, dawać zysk, wprowadzić
  • Tourism is a big industry, bringing in 2.7 billion pounds a year.
1009 queue up to line up for something stawać w ogonku kolejki
  • I hate queuing up, it's lose of time.
1010 fork out to pay money, to pay goods, to spend a lot of money on something wyrzucać w błoto, wyrzucać na coś czego nie chcemy a musimy
  • I had to fork out 200 USD on my bike when I had it serviced.
1011 warm up to do movements to get your body ready for exercise, to do stretching to get your body ready for exercise rozgrzewać się
  • The team warmed up an hour before the football match.
1012 bulk up to gain weight and muscle budować masę
  • Dietary supplements that helped the weightlifters bulk up.
1013 work out to do exercise routines ćwiczyć na siłowni, ćwiczyć sali gimnastycznej
  • Ever notice how most people in a gym aren't really working out?